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Escape The Rake

Rake Races

Aug 18, 2012 00:00 AM

Rake Races

To understand the answer to what is a rake race, one must first need to know what poker rake is.  Basically, rake is the fees casinos and online poker rooms charged to players to cover their operating costs and profits.  Since a card room does not directly bet against the players, the rake is how they earn their money.
Now that rake is covered. 

What is a rake race? 

A rake race is in essence a competition with the goal of generating the most rakes during a set amount of time in the online world of poker.  There are two ways to score points in a rake race.  First, a player may earn points for the number of hands that a player participates in that is a raked.  This is called a raked hand race.  The second form of rake race is that which is based on the value of rakes from hands which the player participates in.  This is called a contributed rake race.

What is the Purpose of a Rake Race?

Now that the question of what is a rake race has been answered, we'll get into the purpose of them.  Rake races are simply an added form of reward for frequent players.  As online casinos earn their money solely from rake, it only makes sense for them to reward players who generate a large amount of it.  A rake race is similar to rake back in that some of the rake money is being distributed back to the players who generated it.  In contrast to rake back however, only the top players in a rake race will be rewarded whereas rack back is based on a percentage of total rake generated and is awarded to each individual.

How to Win a Rake Race

Now that you have an answer to your question of what is a rake race, you'll likely be interested in participating in one.  Depending on your skill level at poker, winning a rake race can be fairly easy.  One of the primary ways to win is to look for games that often result in a lot of rake being taken.  Heads up games are likely your best bet followed by fast paced 6-man ring games.  Lastly, you may wish to learn 7-card stud as all players are required to pay rake each hand - much like a heads up game.  Once you've picked your game, it's all about the volume of hands you play - you'll definitely want to multi-table.